True life story

by Manuela Demmler

My entire life, I have searched for the meaning of life and the great true love, but I could not find them anywhere. Life felt empty to me. Time and again, thoughts arose within me that I did not belong on this earth. I felt so alienated.

It went so far that I isolated myself from the outside world and tried to take my life twice – but God and His angels did not allow it!

Several years later, my health deteriorated so much that I nearly died again – God intervened here too and prevented it! In my greatest distress, it was HE who saved me and drew me to Himself with His immense, infinite, and unconditional love!

Today I can say that God has healed my wounds and given my life the meaning and love I was looking for all my life.

The death wish in me has turned into a life wish for eternity on the new earth.


»I shall not die, but live,

and declare the works of the LORD.«

(Psalm 118:17)

God has given me a wonderful message that I cannot let stand for myself alone. This message has contributed greatly and prompted me to write the book »The Heart to Heaven« and also to record it as an audio book.

Hidden in this (audio-) book is a particularly valuable treasure!

With this (audio) book, I hope that others will also recognise how God carries every person in difficult times and wants to reveal Himself to them in indescribably great love.


May you find this treasure, may it strengthen you, give you joy and hope and make your heart radiate.

I would like to read the book or listen to the audio book: